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Rittus Haze

Feminized Rittus Haze Seeds

Genetics70% Sativa – 30% Indica
Seed typeHaze feminized hybrid
Indoor flowering60 – 65 days
Indoor production600 g/m2
Outdoor flowering1 - 15 October (Northern Hemisfhere) - April (Southern Hemisphere)
Outdoor production800 g/plant

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Rittus Haze Cannabis seeds

Haze genetics have been very much appreciated over time by a large number of consumers, on account of both taste and effect. Nevertheless, only a few patient growers plant them on a regular basis, as the flowering stage of a pure Haze might take up to 100 days in indoor crops, or up to December in outdoor crops. Our intention when creating this hybrid was to preserve its organoleptic qualities, as well as the typical effect of Haze strains, all the while significantly reducing its extensive flowering period. The result is RITTUS HAZE.

In outdoor crops, it reaches heights of over 3 metres, finishes flowering at the beginning of October and yields approximately 800 grams per plant. In indoor crops, the flowering period lasts 65 days, producing around 600 grams per square metre and adapting perfectly both to the Sea of Green (SOG) and SCROG methods.

This plant develops the typical Sativa buds known as “fox tail colas”, loaded with sticky resin, and is widely renowned for the distinctly strong and characteristic taste and aroma of incense of Haze strains. It has a powerful, intense effect as a brain stimulator, so it is recommended if you want to be active.

Product Review


Poder tener una Haze como esta en solo 60-65 días es todo un lujo. Gracias chicos!!


Pedazo planta, está creciendo fuerte y hermosa y huele super ricoo. Gracias por el regalo

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Additional Information

Genetics70% Sátiva – 30% Indica
Plant typeSelección híbrido de Haze
Indoor flowering60 - 65 días
Outdoor floweringDel 1 al 15 de Octubre
Indoor production600 gramos / m²
Outdoor production800 gramos / planta
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