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Chocolute F2

Chocolute F2 Regular Seeds

THC: 15-25%
CBD: 0.3-0.6%
Genetics 95% Sativa – 5% Indica
Seed type Regular (not feminizad) Chocolope F2
Indoor flowering 60 – 75 days
Indoor production 700 - 900 g/m2
Outdoor flowering 1 - 15 October (Northern Hemisfhere) - April (Southern Hemisphere)
Outdoor production 700 - 900 g/plant
Awards Copa Cannábica do Noroeste 2016 (extractions 2nd price)

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Product Description

Chocolute F2 regular Cannabis seeds

These seeds are a tribute to the plant that has given us the most satisfaction in our life as growers. For years, we have been enjoying a Chocolope clone of exceptional features: easy to grow, short flowering stage, high yield, few leaves, exquisite taste and aroma, good psychoactivity and a generous resin producer, whatever the extraction process. Originally a crossing between a Cannalope male and an Original Chocolate Thai female, it has been awarded countless prizes. In order to repay this plant for everything it has given us over time, we crossed it with a male pertaining to the same strain (with a rich, penetrating aroma and an ultra-fast flowering stage) in order to create CHOCOLUTE F2.

This strain is a great pick for all those seeking to grow regular seeds, or looking for a special, non feminised plant or mother which will yield buds or cuttings no one else can have. Unlike cross-breeding between pure strains, F2 crossings produce a highly heterogeneous offspring, making each and every plant born from its seeds different and unique. Among these, you will be able to find plants similar to their parents or grandparents, and therefore choose the one which best suits your needs and tastes.

Chocolute F2: Awards

Copa Cannábica do Noroeste (2016): second prize in the category "Extractions with Solvents".

Cannabinoids test

Done by Totem Labs to the Qwet of Chocolute F2 awared in the Copa Cannabica do Noroeste 2016.

Analisis Cannabinoides Chocolute F2

Product Review

Gervasio D.

Siempre genética chocolope! la mejor con diferencia en sabor y en efecto! brutal la producción.

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Additional Information

THC 15% - 25%
CBD 0,3% - 0,6%.
Genetics 95% Sátiva – 5% Índica
Plant type Selección Chocolope regular
Indoor flowering 60 - 75 días
Outdoor flowering Del 1 al 31 de Octubre
Indoor production 700 - 900 gramos / m²
Outdoor production 700 – 900 gramos / planta
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